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"I started trading in forex in 2008 scalping the 15 minute charts. It took me a looooong time to realise that longer time frames such as Daily, Weekly and monthly are the best way to trade forex. Dont get me wrong, some people are good in scalping. I joined The Forex Guy in 2013 but I had a really difficult time in changing my mindset from scalping and day trading to Swing trading/position trading. Now as my mindset has changed completely, I am becoming more and more calm, stress free and relaxed in trading on the daily charts."

War Room Member bull375, Canada

Check out this live trade example of one of our price action trading strategies
that demonstrates the true power of trading raw price action...

As a War Room member you will immediately gain access to the following...

The Price Action Protocol Forex Trading Course (Updated 2014)

With your new War Room membership, you will have direct access to our advanced Price Action Protocol online trading course. Some War Room traders are now calling this course their 'trading bible'.

You will learn how to master the skill of reading raw price charts, identify chart conditions perfect for trading, learn low risk/high reward trade setups, be shown advanced money management strategies that will give you an much higher edge in the markets, and you will be able to do all this without the use of any exotic indicators.

The War Room Forex Live Setup Discussion Forum

The War Room has an active forum community where War Room traders come together and pool their ideas.

War Room members are regularly posting up their charts with trade signals, point out potential developing price action setups, bounce ideas off one another and just get some great discussions going about Forex or just the markets in general.

War Room Chart of the Day Commentary

In the War Room 'Chart of the Day' section, we feature a chart that has produced the most interesting price action at the end of each trading day and discuss it in detail. We provide our market analysis, point out possible price action based trade opportunities and discuss trade execution. The 'Chart of the Day' really helps War Room traders accelerate their chart reading ability as they learn how to read, and approach the 'live' markets on a day to day basis.

Weekly Market Commentary Video

At the end of the trading week we put up an exclusive weekly chart commentary video which provides a more detailed commentary of various markets. We discuss/analyse the events & trades that unfolded during the trading week, and identify potential trading opportunities to watch for in the next trading week to come.

The War Room Traders Chat Room

A 24/7 live chat room available to all war room members which has now become the most popular feature. So popular in fact that we recently just had to upgrade our web server to support the chat room's server demand, mainly due to the fact the chat room is always buzzing with conversation. War Room traders come to chill out and chat live with other mature price action traders, talk about the charts, talk with us directly, ask us questions about the charts & developing setups or just engage in general friendly conversation.

The chat room is JavaScript based, meaning that it runs off the default port of your web browser. This means you will be able to access the chat room even from restricted computers like at work, where they tend to block most ports.

"I'm Louis from Paris (France). I'm really glad I found the war room after years of failures in the Forex market. I have blown many accounts... But now I am making profits with The Forex Guy's Price Action Protocol Course. I am sure we all made the right decision by subscribing to the War Room."

Louis, France

The Price Action Protocol Trading Course

One of the main benefits of becoming a War Room member is gaining access to our Price Action Protocol trading course, which teaches you how to master the art of chart reading without using any indicators. After finishing the course you will see the markets in a whole new perspective, be able to make trading decisions using candlesticks alone and will wonder how you ever traded without a price action system.

Take a quick look at the two chart templates shown below; the one on the left is the typical indicator polluted chart which is messy and hard to read. Now have a look at the template on the right, this clean price chart is all you need to use to start making money with the price action protocol...

Here are some of the key benefits of the Price Action Protocol trading system...

Straight Forward, Simplified, Indicator Free Trading

The Price Action Protocol is a trading system that will teach you how to make trading decisions based off real price movements. No need to worry about complicated indicators, complex mathematic models or 'magic tools' any more - easily trade stress free directly from what you see on the raw candlestick chart.

Understand and Have Confidence In Your Trades

Sick of placing buy and sell orders without knowing the real fundamental reason why you're placing them in the first place? The Price Action Protocol will teach you how to read price action behaviour so when you place a trade you know exactly what you're doing so you become that confident trader you've always wanted to be.

Works In All Market Conditions

Most trading systems have a very short shelf life and break apart when market conditions shift into a new set of dynamics. The Price Action Protocol will show you Price Action signals & techniques that will work in all different types of market conditions, so you maintain clarity regardless of how the market is behaving.

7 Powerful Price Action Trade Setups

The Price Action Protocol will teach you the easy to learn 7 low risk - high probability Price Action trade signals. These signals will allow you to anticipate price movements before they actually happen and point you in the same direction as the smart money, so you can ride the big trends to squeeze every last pip from the market.

Smart Money Management that Gives You the Edge

The Price Action Protocol contains extremely powerful money management models that will keep you in profit even if you're losing more than 50% of your trades. Sitting in front of trading screen for hours is no kind of life. Set your trades in as little as 15 minutes, leave the market to do the work for you while you're out enjoying your life. You can even keep your day job and use the Price Action Protocol. We believe that Forex trading should not have a negative impact on your day to day life and our money management system plays a big role in a healthy trading lifestyle.

Trading Psychology

It's critical that we control profit destroying emotions from trading. By learning a simple and logical trading system like the Price Action Protocol, you will quickly learn the DO's & DON'TS when it comes to how you apply yourself to trading. You attitude is going to play a big role with your chances of succeeding. 90% of traders lose their money and a high percentage of that is due primarily to emotional mistakes that are repeated over and over again. The Price Action Protocol will offer you ways to remove the stress from your trading so you can sleep easier at night, have a clear head and enjoy your life while trading.

Pyramid Money Management Model

To compliment our money management system we have added the Pyramid Money Management model which traders can utilize with their trading plan to exponentially increase trade profits. The Price Action Protocol will take you by the hand and show you step by step how I turned a $300 trade into a massive $19,000 winner and how you can apply the same process to your trades. Would you believe me if I told you that I achieved this with almost zero risk to my capital, sounds crazy right?, its true! Opportunities to use this pyramid model don't come every day, please be realistic and only expect to use the pyramid money management model in moderation.

Some of the topics you will learn in the trading course and War Room...

Rejection Candle & Pin Bar Trading Strategy 2 Candle Rejection strategy & entry methods
Long Tailed Rejection Candle entry tweaks 'Thick Bodied' Rejection Candle Strategies
Outside Candle advanced entry methods Breakout Trap and Reverse price event Forex reversal signal
Inside Candle consolidation breakout methods Indecision Candle breakout entry methods
Double Inside Day combo breakout trade opportunities Indecision Candle market reversal tactics
The Power Candle momentum entry strategy How to correctly map out the right support & resistance levels
Identifying good/bad market conditions for price action trading Trading with different market dynamics
Mean reversion counter-trend trading strategy Advanced trend following methods
Identifying different kinds of trends Optimized Trend Entry Points
Timing your trade entries Price Action strategies to suit long term or medium traders
Price Action Signal retracement entry points Mapping the trend mean value with the 10/20 EMA
Correlation between the mean value and price value Using the mean as dynamic support and resistance
Working with trend swing levels How to correctly identify and time breakouts
When and where to engage in counter trend setups How to capitalize on failed breakouts
Identifying market 'hot spots' Correct utilization of stop losses
How to establish a market bias Aggressive stop loss placement tactics for high reward trades
Positive risk reward money management plans Profit multiplication pyramid money management model
Low risk split money management model (Very Popular) Identifying the key support and resistance levels on your chart
'Red flag' early trade exit warning signals How to exit your trades correctly
Example trading plans for various risk appetites The important of trading/investing psychology in the Forex market

"I have been trading off and on on demo accounts for 2 years learning the markets. Have used a few other study courses and trading methods but have discovered Price Action Trading which seems to make the most sense and have also found that this site is the best educational site for this type of trading. Now it is time to get serious and follow the protocols of The Forex Guy."

Rudy, USA

Here is a live snippet from one of our War Room weekly commentary videos
that demonstrates a powerful price action trading method...

Advanced War Room Money Management Tool for MT4

As part of your War Room membership, you will have access to our cutting edge money management and trade execution expert advisor for MT4

This EA takes advantage of the latest updates in the MT4 code - utilizing the panel technology.

Here are some of the features...

mt4 money management tool overview
Fast trade order setup with the click of a button.
Easy position risk calculation - risk by set $ amount or by account %
Instant lot size calculation on trade execution (works for CFD's too)
Easy profit target settings - target profits by risk/reward, or $ profit amount etc.
Advanced trailing stop loss options - trail by risk/reward, EMA values or candlestick high/lows

The War Room MT4 money management and trade order tool is perfect for traders who have busy lifestyles, and just want to set their trades up with the click of the button, and allow the tool to monitor for any set exit conditions which are otherwise not able to be automated.

Just like the rest of the War Room - this tool is an on going development project and will see enhancements in the future

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