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Gain an Unfair Advantage With My Powerful MT4 Tool

Finally you can create your own custom time frames, candle open times, and generate Renko candles... all from the one easy panel.

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*** How this Mt4 Custom Candle Tool Can Improve Your Technical Analysis ***

1 Custom MT4 Time Frames

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Break the barriers of the 'out of the box' MT4 setup and create time frames which aren't normally supported my MT4.

Create charts like the 2h, 6h, 8h, 12h, and even 2 or 3 day candles.

All custom charts have 'live' price feeds, which you can add indicators to and open trades from.

2 Candle Open/Close Time Control

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One annoying aspect of MT4 is that the candle open and closes times are locked to your broker server time.

Now you can create custom charts where you decide what time of the Forex session the candlesticks will open and close.

3 Renko Chart Builder

renko candle icon

Renko candles are becoming very popular - but to get them on MT4, you need to download external scripts and clunky renko chart generators.

This tool will allow you to generate all your Renko charts all from the one easy location.

4 Save/Load Feature

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This panel has a very easy to use user interface. There is a nice built in template system to allow you to save/load your custom chart combos.

Easily switch between your chart list templates and keep your charts organized the way you like.

5 Generate Multiple Charts From One Location

one location icon

To get this sort of functionality with MT4, you would be juggling between multiple scripts and need to have many charts open.

You can control everything from one location. This tools takes care of all your custom charts from one location, so you don't need to juggle multiple MT4 scripts across multiple charts again.

6 Custom Charts are 'Live'

live charts icon

Our new candlestick chart generation tool for MT4 allows you to create custom time frames and candlesticks - including Renko candlesticks.

Control the candle open times, and periods. Easy to use interface, generate as many chart variations as you like from one easy panel.

*** Gain A Unique Perspective of the Markets ***

Generate Multiples of the 1 hour Chart

multi time frame generation

The panel will allow you to generate multiples of the one hour chart, allowing for the creating of 2, 6, 8, 12 hour charts. If you want, you can also generate 48H & 72H charts for 2 & 3 day candles.

Normally you would have to download a mt4 period converter script, attach it to multiple pairs, then need to have many charts open at once to get the charts you want. It's annoying, messy, and can cause MT4 to become bogged down.

With this panel, you can generate as many time frame variants, across as many charts as you like - all from the one location.

No more opening 10 different pairs to generate 10 different custom, off-line, chart variants.

With this one tool, you could have 8 hour EURUSD chart, 6 hour AUDUSD chart, 2 day GBPUSD chart, and a 12 hour USDJPY going at the same time just using the one panel.

You Choose the Time When Candles Open & Close

Finally you have some control over your charts. MT4 is locked to your server GMT time - but this panel can break the restrictions and generate charts where you chose the GMT open and close times.

This opens up the door for some very unique technical analysis. Trades signals that may not appear, or you don't notice, may become clear as day when you shift the charts GMT time, and look at the price action from a completely different perspective.

The GMT control the panel gives you will allow for unheard of charts like London Open candles. You can also generate New York close charts if your broker doesn't support them either.

Shifting your charts GMT times to key points in the market may give your trading system more buy & sell opportunities that no one else is seeing.

gmt shift candles

The Ultimate Renko Candle Solution for MT4

renko chart example

Getting Renko candles working on MT4 is normally a massive pain. There are many scripts out there which generate Renko candles in MT4, but they are messy, poorly designed, and require a lot of 'chart juggling'.

Usually most Renko scripts will need to be attached to the desired pair's candlestick chart, and will generate a 'clone chart' in Renko format. Meaning, for every Renko chart you want, you need to have that pair's candlestick chart open to support its existence. This leads to too many charts open, slowing down your MT4 terminal, and computer.

I have developed this panel so you can generate your favourite Renko candles all from the one location. There is no more need to over burden your MT4 software with too many charts. One chart will generate all the Renko charts you desire, across as many pairs - all from the one location.

*** Combine Your Custom Charts With the War Room Battle Station MT4 Plug-in ***

As part of your War Room membership, you will also have access to my 'Price Action Battle Station' tool for MT4 - a candlestick pattern detector which notifies you if any potential trade opportunities do surface while you're away from the computer.

candle patterns

Detects Candlestick Patterns

This indicator will scan the candlesticks and highlight some of the most popular candlestick patterns that we're trading everyday in the Forex markets.

push notifications

Sends Smart Phone Notifications

No need to sit and watch your custom charts - Allow the Battle Station to send candlestick pattern notification alerts to your smart phone, like your iPHone or Android. If that's not an option, you can receive email notifications instead.

multi time frame analysis

Set & Forget

Want to keep your 'finger on the pulse' of all your custom charts, but don't want to be glued to your trading desk keeping track of everything? Load the Battle Station onto your charts and let it do the hard work for you. You will be notified if there are any candlestick set-ups worth checking.

Donchian Channel Marking

Donchian channels were used by the famous turtle traders. I have always had a personal interest in them, they can offer some very interesting technical analysis.

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