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Attention serious Forex Traders,

Today I would like to introduce my Forex broker - a superior broker that you can safely trust your hard earned money with.

InfoNox is regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom and Go Markets AUS in by ASIC in Australia. Go Markets have access to multiple bank's liquidity - this enables them to: offer you excellent spread pricing, a huge range of markets and they even stick by a 'no re-quote' policy.

These guys also provide New York Close candles, which is an excellent 'out of the box' feature to have, as most technical trading systems advantage from NYC Candles.

The integrity of Go Markets also allowed them to emerge from major market crashes unscathed, continuing business as normal hours after events like the CHF meltdown.

Do yourself a favour and check these guys out - you won't regret it.

Important Notice: If you sign up with an account using the links I provide here, you will be upgraded automatically to one of the official "The Forex Guy's" spread discount accounts - which will mean you will receive a permanent discount on your spreads automatically!

The Benefits of Signing Up Through THE FOREX GUY...

Spread Reduction For 'The Forex Guy' subscribers!

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The Go Markets team are offering are spread reduction to any Forex trader who signs up through the TheForexGuy website.

There is no catch, hidden bottom line or fine print - you get a spread discount, it is as simple as that.

Your reduced spread discount pricing structure will be permanent, just follow the links on this page to opt into the deal.

Personal Account Manager

Have you ever called your broker, been put through to a random support person, and spoken down to like you were just another number they didn't care about? I have!

You don't have to be treated like that any more...

Sign up with Go Markets through TheForexGuy.com and you will have your very own personal account manager. Go Markets are a customer service driven company - if you have any issues with your account, any queries or questions - you will have a direct number to call where your personal account manager will be ready and eager to help you. Go Markets' customer service is one of the best in the industry.

All Future Discounts Passed Onto You

As a valued reader of my site, I have negotiated spread discounts and special services for all my blog readers. I am passing those discounts onto you.

The more traders who take advantage of all the deal, will help strengthen my relationship with them. This means I will have strong bargaining power to negotiate better spread discounts in the futre, which will automatically be passed on to you.

Why you Should Seriously Consider Making Go Markets as your Forex Broker...


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Have you ever had that feeling your broker might be doings unethical things with your account to cheat you of your hard earned money?...

You can sleep easy while Go Markets is your broker.

Go Markets are one of the few Forex brokers regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) - which are one of the biggest, most trusted, and well recognised financial regulators in the world. This means your money is Safe, Secure and Protected at all times!

The FCA makes sure all financial bodies treat their consumers (you the Forex trader) fairly. So there won't be any manipulation of your price feed, stop hunting or re-quotes. Go Markets actually have a 'no re-quotes' policy, so your trades will be executed the first time, every time.

Don't make the newbie mistake of trusting your money with an unregulated broker... choose a FCA UK, or ASIC Regulated broker like Go Markets and have peace of mind you're always being treated fairly.

Deep Liquidity

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I've always been a very big fan of UK based Forex brokers. The UK is considered to be the 'unofficial Forex capital' due to high presence of large Banks and institutions that provide a lot of liquidity in the Forex Market.

Go Markets UK is located in London, so they are able to 'tap into' this large amount of liquidity (money), because it's right at their fingertips.

The advantages gained here by Go Markets are passed onto you as the Forex trader. Their connections to multiple large banks allow Go Markets to offer you better spread prices and faster execution.

Go Markets Survives CHF Event Unscathed

The SNB decided to remove their 3 year log peg against the EURO causing a devastating shock wave of orders through the Forex market.

This event hurt a lot of retail traders - but hurt brokers more. In fact, a lot of brokers (even large established ones) were bankrupted by the event.

Go Markets was not effected by the CHF rally and neither was any of their customers. Go Markets UK reported 'business as usual' the next trading day

New York Close Candles

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Has your Forex broker got some weird offset time zone price feed which makes your charts look a lot different to everyone else's? Then you need to switch to a broker with a New York Close market data feed.

A New York close price feed is basically now the industry standard...

This will synchronize the close of your daily candlesticks to the closing bell of New York (5pm local time). Having access to a NY close price feed is important because it gives you an accurate representation of a TRUE Forex session.

There is nothing more annoying than a broker who feeds you offset closed candles. An unsynchronized price feed can cause 'ghost Sunday' candlesticks - which are one annoying, and two - hinder your end of day trading analysis.

If you're using our end of day price action strategies, you will need a New York Close price feed which Go Markets UK has covered 'out of the box'

A Broker That Doesn't Work Against You

Ever wondered what your Forex broker is doing with your account information on their end? You hear 'leaked stories' about Forex brokers who will trade against you, and manipulate your internal price feed to trigger your stop loss.

Go Markets is a straight through processing - NO Dealing Desk FCA regulated broker. They don't trade against their own clients, even if they wanted to - it is against the law for brokers under the watch of the FCA to do so.

Unlike most other brokers, Go Markets' business model is based around your trading success. The more you grow and succeed as a Forex trader, the more Go Markets grows with you.

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FINALLY - A customer orientated broker who has put YOUR best interests as the focus of their business. It's ethical brokers like Go Markets that fight the good fight and give brokers a good name again.

A Nice Choice of Markets to Trade

Go Markets offer a nice selection of markets to trade, even extending beyond the 43+ currency pairs on offer.

You will have access to the major commodity markets like Gold, Silver and both major Crude Oil markets.

All the major indices are available, including the S&P500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, UK FTSE and even the Australian AUS200 Index.

Important Notice: If you sign up with an account using the links I provide here, you will be upgraded automatically to one of the official "The Forex Guy's" sread discount accounts - which will mean you will receive a permanent discount on your spreads automatically - and allow me to negotiable better deals for you in the future!