Looking for a Forex Writer to work with us.

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You will need to be able to demonstrate excellent writing skills, have good knowledge of Forex trading and have a good sense of humor. It would also be be a huge bonus if you are already very passionate about price action trading.

If you think you have what it takes please feel free to contact us at [email protected], say hello tell us a bit about yourself, tell us about your experience with the Forex market and link some of your previous work so we can check it out.

Look forward to hearing from you guys.


  1. Richard Del Risco comment display photo
    Richard Del Risco
    Just came across your website thru twitter and an email I got. Anyways to keep it short, you can see my style of writing in the following forexfactory thread: http://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=558021 I've been trading forex for a few years now and currently I'm also trading futures, but forex is my passion. And YES, father forgive me for I have sinned, I use indicators. Too many, is true, but I can't wrap my head around trading just price action. Thanks richard

  2. Peter comment display photo
    Hello to you all: the team of TheForexGuy.com. My name is Peter. I reside in Nigeria. Please don’t be put off by my mentioning that I’m from Nigeria. No matter the picture labeled at the country, there are so many responsible and God-fearing people here. I took some space to note this because I really want to work with your team sir if I’m kindly accepted. My forex story so far has almost been like a pathetic one. I first got introduced to the Forex market back in 2009. Since then till now, it has been learning, learning, learning; researching; studying. It’s not that I’m not yet ready, you would agree with me that continuous intensive study of any subject in life for almost a decade would definitely turn that student into a fairly expert in that field. Even the great Albeit Einstein once said: “devoting one hour of study at something daily for one year would make the student an expert in it”. Also, perusing articles on your site, you quite rightly noted that a forex trader must continually study, no matter how good he may be. You might then wonder if I have mastered forex trading to a high extent, what then is keeping me from trading? The short honest answer is finance. Nigeria, as you know, is a developing country. Many of us work so hard daily, for very little pay, which can barely cater for the basic needs of life. Hence, I haven’t been able to start trading forex live, despite my knowledge and having developed my own trading strategy which is: purely price action based. Forex trading is something I’m insanely passionate about. For the past few years that I’ve developed my strategy which made me believe that I’ve finally gotten the right keys to unraveling the forex puzzle, my inactivity in the market has been a source of pain to me. I mean, how else would one feel when week after week, one analyzes and read the charts to know the right direction the market is headed which it eventually does. Yet, one couldn’t trade. I had been praying to God to send me help. And I believe this is it. I stumbled upon your site just yesterday, where you stated you are looking for a knowledgeable Forex Writer. I can work with you by writing about my in-depth knowledge of the market and my highly profitable strategy. I was so elated. I’m not saying my strategy is 100% profitable—of course, no system is like that, but picking winnings about 80% of the time is really nice in this market. My frustration and financial limitation couldn’t really allow me to demo trade because one needs constant internet connections to demo trade, which cost a fairly big amount of money here. But I had consistently done paper trading, back testing my strategy on charts week after week, for years. (It is worthy of note here that I am strictly a ‘Swing Trader’, analyzing purely on price action). I know this is a rather long message, but please I crave your indulgence to patiently read it through. And I hope you find me worthy to try out and work with. I believe it will be worthwhile for all parties: your team, myself, and numerous individuals who flock to your site to consume your delicious and insightful contents. Looking forward to hearing and start working with your team soon. Thank you, sir, in advance. Have a nice day. Yours sincerely, Peter.

  3. Bradford Hunt comment display photo
    Bradford Hunt
    I am interested in your job as a Forex Writer. My writing style is lucid, crisp and clear. In the 1970s my favorite author as a stylist was Ernest Hemingway. I try to use an economy of words to make my point because its easier for the reader to grasp the message. I believe in the use of analogy or metaphor to drive home points. I can do this job and help you get your message across. Trading. I started trading stocks in 2001 or so after my entire 6 figure account was blown out by my advisors at SmithBarney in the USA. Eventually I switched to options and am still interested in options in the futures market on the larger time frames. As to Forex I have been studying Price Action on my own and am making progress. In the area of Price Action Trading I believe that a sound approach for each pair is to maintain a daily chart, a 4 hour chart an hourly chart and a 5 minute chart. The purpose of the daily chart is to assess the overall major trend. I use a 204 period ema as a visual just to guage the slope. I also look for areas of where price has been rotating around a particular area. There will typically be 3-4 pivot areas or lines if you please that will be noted on the long term daily chart. The 4 hour chart is the main chart I am interested in trading off of. I look for areas of congestion. I look for big directional candles that tell me the market is moving North from Miami to Chicago and I look for confirmation to tell me when the market's trend has in fact changed. I believe that there is more art than science to correctly identifying when a change in trend has in fact taken place so we employ rules and a method to help us make this determination. It is easy to see after the fact when a change in trend has occurred but the quicker it is recognized by the practitioner the quicker he can align his trades with the new trend. Am I a master trader? No but I want to be and I hope to learn from you and improve based on the assignments you want addressed. I can do this job and I hope you will give me the opportunity. About me. I am 60 years old in excellent health and I participate in ultra endurance marathon cycling on the weekends (100-200 mile rides). I am married with a high school aged child. I hold a doctorate and am still involved in chemistry. I am currently developing an ecologically safer insecticide for use by the home gardener.

  4. Jed comment display photo
    Hello, I wonder if you still want to hire a writer. If you willing, I can show you some of the articles I have written about trading, forex indicators...
    1. Dale Woods comment display photo
      Dale Woods
      Sure, send me an email.

  5. Rodrigo Giraldo Valencia comment display photo
    Rodrigo Giraldo Valencia
    Hello. Do you need writers still ? I am a professional and independent writer, specialized in international financial markets. Thank you very much !!

  6. Tim Whitecotton comment display photo
    Tim Whitecotton
    I am currently working on my Masters of Science in Finance and Economics. I've been a successful forex trader for 6 years now and would love to share my secrets of success with traders new to forex. Although fundamentals are important to trading, I have learned that price action in the charts tells me all I need to know for profitable trading. I've implemented various strategies over the years but I am currently having a lot of success with pyramiding. Instead of trying to pick tops and bottoms I've simply let me winners run and added to them along the way. All I do is simply identify the trend through technical analysis to make a good entry and add to my position every time support and resistance levels are verified. Once the trend has run it's course I start looking for the next one. I keep things simple and it works for me.

  7. Finance Trading comment display photo
    Finance Trading
    I noticed on your site that you're looking for guest authors. I would like to contribute some quality content for your site. As well as being passionate about SEO, web hosting & blogging related post and its benefits. I recognized the need for the well-written content, and pride myself on producing guest posts that are well formatted, and really go the extra mile. I'd love to propose web hosting if you were interested. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.

  8. Alexis Bueno comment display photo
    Alexis Bueno
    Dale, I was wondering if we could just use the Trade Management Panel and introduce it to our students? I have seen you use it and im used to using Bloomberg system and Interactive Brokers Workstation. I would like to try it out and if it works we will recommend to our students around the globe. We work out of the US and Singapore. Most of our students are prop traders using MT5 so hopefully it works with MT5. Thank you...and look forward to hearing from you.
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