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*** Main Benefits of Becoming A War Room Trader ***

price action protocol course

Price Action Protocol

The 2018 Edition of this 5 Star rated price action course will teach you all the real secrets to becoming a "master chart reader". Learn to read naked price charts fluently and asses risk to identify low risk, high probability, high reward Forex trade set-ups without the use of indicators.

#1 Price Action Course

trade panel app for mt4 mt5

MT4/5 Trade Panel

The Swiss army knife of easy trade execution. Don't worry about pulling out calculators anymore for lot sizing math, or dig through forums for trailing stop scripts - this beast is the #1 go-to tool made for traders of all disciplines.

Compatible with MT4 & MT5

Battle station candlestick pattern chart assistant tool

Candlestick Pattern & Break Alert Tool

It's called "The Battle Station", a price action trader's best friend on the charts. While you're away from the computer, the Battle Station will send you detailed alerts to your phone about candlestick signals, breakout events + a whole lot more...

Compatible with MT4 & MT5

Custom Chart Builder for mt4 to make renko and range charts

Custom Chart Builder

The ultimate custom chart builder for trades who love Renko, Ranged or customized candlestick charts. Unlock new time frames in MT4, build "basket charts", save/load your custom charts quickly. Absolute must for traders who need custom price action.

Compatible with MT4 Only Atm

Currency strength meter for mt4/5

Market Analytics Dashboard

A nice panel-based UI dashboard which displaying data like currency strength and weakness. Based off my own price action strength formula which is more responsive than anything else out there.

Compatible with MT4 & MT5

Forex chat room screenshot

The War Room Chat Room

Become part of an active group of traders that support and help one another in a mutual goal to become successful. There are always other traders to bounce ideas off. Talk with me, or other experienced traders in our 24/7 War Room chat room.

Compatible with MT4 & MT5

Forex commentary chart of the day feature examples

Chart of the Day Post

he Chart of the Day trading opportunity will provide trading suggestions and tips to help you understand how to apply our trading strategy to live markets. This feature has really helped War Room traders accelerate their chart reading ability as they learn how to interpret, and approach the current markets - on a day to day basis.

Daily Analysis & Trade Ideas

Forex commentary video weekly screenshot

Weekly Video Commentary

This is more visual type of commentary where we look at all the active markets. Understand how to read the market by watching our weekly video analysis, where we point out potential opportunities or identifying promising trading opportunities to watch for in the coming days so you can learn to start anticipating and planning trades.

Watch and Learn

Lifetime membership badge

Lifetime Updates

If you take my current offer, you will become a War Room Lifetime Member. As a lifetime member you will get free access to all tool updates, any private content released, and new tools that are released in the future.

Limited time offer...

*** Comprehensive Forex Trading Course ***

The Price Action Protocol - 2018 Edition

Your War Room membership will open up the door to the most comprehensive on-line advanced Forex price action trading course for the serious, passionate, and dedicated trader. The Price Action Protocol has already put thousands of thousands of war room members on the path to becoming consistent, confident, and profitable traders.

You will also discover powerful money management blueprints that are not seen anywhere else, and can be applied to any trading strategy. Many Forex traders are now calling the Price Action Protocol their new 'trading bible'.

price action protocol course

"Trade what you see" Forex Trading Strategy

Learn the skill of 'naked chart reading' and make simple, logical trading decisions, without the need for indicators.

The Price Action Protocol is a trading methodology that will teach you how to make trading decisions based off real price movements. No need to worry about complicated indicators, complex mathematical models or 'magic tools' any more - "Trade what you see".

Powerful Price Action Trade Set-ups

The Price Action Protocol will teach you the easy to learn low risk - high probability Price Action trade signals.

These signals will allow you to anticipate price movements before they actually happen and point you in the same direction as the smart money, so you can ride the big trends to squeeze every last pip from the market.

Smart Money Management Blueprints

The course contains 3 highly effective money management blueprints that can be applied to any Forex trading strategy.

These management models will keep you in profit, even if you're losing more than 50% of your trades. Included are risk mitigation and profit multiplication techniques that are not shown anywhere else.

Pyramid Money Management Model

I will take you by the hand, and show you step by step, how I turned a $300 trade into a massive $19,000 winner, and how you can apply the same process to your trades.

Would you believe me if I told you that I achieved this with almost zero risk to my capital? Sounds crazy right? It's true! However, opportunities to use this pyramid model don't come everyday, please be realistic and only expect to use the pyramid money management model in moderation.

Understand and Have Confidence In Your Trades

Sick of placing buy and sell orders without knowing the real fundamental reason why you're placing them in the first place?

The Price Action Protocol will teach you how to read price action behaviour so when you place a trade you know exactly what you're doing so you become that confident trader you've always wanted to be.

*** What You Can Expect to Learn in The War Room ***

Rejection Candle Trading Strategy 2 Candle Rejection strategy & entry methods
Long Tailed Rejection Candle entry tweaks 'Thick Bodied' Rejection Candle Strategies
Outside Candle advanced entry methods Breakout Trap and Reverse price event Forex reversal signal
Inside Candle consolidation breakout methods Indecision Candle breakout entry methods
Double Inside Day combo breakout trade opportunities Indecision Candle market reversal tactics
The Power Candle momentum entry strategy How to correctly map out the right support & resistance levels
Identifying good/bad market conditions for price action trading Trading with different market dynamics
Mean reversion counter-trend trading strategy Advanced trend following methods
Identifying different kinds of trends Optimized Trend Entry Points
Timing your trade entries Price Action strategies to suit long term or medium traders
Price Action Signal retracement entry points Mapping the trend mean value with the 10/20 EMA
Correlation between the mean value and price value Using the mean as dynamic support and resistance
Working with trend swing levels How to correctly identify and time breakouts
When and where to engage in counter trend setups How to capitalize on failed breakouts
Identifying market 'hot spots' Correct utilization of stop losses
How to establish a market bias Aggressive stop loss placement tactics for high reward trades
Positive risk reward money management plans Profit multiplication pyramid money management model
Low risk split money management model (Very Popular) Identifying the key support and resistance levels on your chart
'Red flag' early trade exit warning signals How to exit your trades correctly
Example trading plans for various risk appetites The importance of trading/investing psychology in the Forex market

Check Out Some Live Trade Example From Strategies Right Out of The Price Action Protocol Course...

This trade demonstrates the true power of trading raw price action...

Watch me Make $7000 with a price acton trade :)

More Price Action Trade Examples Available on My Youtube Channel...

The Price Action Protocol Course Is Rated As One of the Best Forex Courses


forex peace army 5 star review
5 star review from amazon customer
price action reviews #1 The Forex Guy

What Existing War Room Traders Have to Say...

Congrats to War Room Trader: Sandroc!

Let Me Show You Some Very Powerful, Problem Solving Tools You Get Access To With Your WarRoom Membership

*** The Price Action Battle Station For MT4 & MT5 ***

Monitors the Charts for Price Action Signals and Breakout Events, Then Sends you Detailed Alerts to Your Smart Phone...

Battle station hero image

Check Out Some of the Things the Battle Station Can Do When it's Loaded on Your Charts...

candle patterns
Popular Candlestick Pattern Recognition

The Battle Station will scan the charts for candlestick patterns which are heavily utilized by price action traders. It will do historical highlighting and send detailed alerts about newly formed candle patterns & breakouts to your smart phone, email, and through alerts inside Metatrader.

push notifications
Detailed Price Action Event Notifications

No need to sit and watch the charts - The Battle Station can send a whole range of very detailed alerts to your smart phone. Get notifications when candlestick patterns form & breakout events trigger across multiple time frames. Customizable options, option for "sleep hours", so you don't get alerts when you're sleeping/busy.

multi time frame analysis
Multi Time Frame Scanning

Want to keep your 'finger on the pulse' on all the popular swing trading time frames? From 1 chart the Battle Station can passively monitor all the time frames from 1 hour to Daily, as well as the time frame it is attached to. This is huge quality of life feature, especially for MT5 where many time frames are available!

technical analysis combo
Works with Technical Levels You Mark On the Charts

The Battle Station scans your charts and picks up where you have drawn your horizontal levels and trend lines. This feeds the Battle Station important areas you've marked, treating them as turning points. Any signals that form here get higher consideration and your notifications contain extra details about the support, resistance or trend line you've marked.

quality control options
Candle Quality Control Options

To avoid being alerted about low quality candlestick patterns from multiple time frames, we introduced some quality control options. This way you're only notified of price action events that are more likely to be something of value. Some examples include a candle range filter to avoid those tiny candles in quiet markets. All quality filters can be toggled on/off.

price action trend filter in action
Trend Filter Option

To double down on quality control, a trend filter option was introduced. If there is a clear trend in motion, the Battle Station will apply much stricter criteria to counter-trend price action signals that form. This way you're not bothered by low quality patterns that go againsnt a dominant trend. You have the option to turn this on/off at your discretion.

horizontal level breakout detection
Horizontal Level / Trend Line Breakout Detection

Got some levels that you're watching for breakouts? You can tell the Battle Station to monitor for breakout candles that punch through your horizontal levels. Of course you get a detailed alert sent to your phone when the breakout event occurs. This feature also works with your Trend Lines. You can individually enable or disable each breakout monitor.

box breakout detection
Box & Squeeze Consolidation Pattern Breakout Detection

Highlight some consolidation using the rectangle and triangle drawing tools and the Battle Station will interpret that area as flagged consolidation by you. The Battle Station will be able to detected breakouts from these consolidation structures and send you the details in a notification.

donchian channel
Donchian Channel Marking

At the stroke of a hotkey, the famous Turtle trader's Donchian channels can be drawn on your screen. This was a request feature by a War Room member and they can offer some very interesting technical analysis. If you're a Donchian channel trader, this will be a helpful addition.

battle station on renko charts
Works with Custom Charts

The Battle Station can work with some third party Renko charts. However, the Battle Station is designed to work with my Custom Chart Builder - which can generate all sorts of custom price action, including: Renko, Range Candles & custom baskets. All the alerts from custom charts will provide details about the custom chart type + more.

*** The MT4 Custom Chart Builder ***

Finally - A Tool That Unlocks Features You've Always Wanted From MT4 + More

unlock time frames
Custom Time Frames & Custom Candles

One high demand feature is the ability to make different time frames in MT4, like 2,3,6,8,12 hour charts - you can even create 2 or 3 day charts. 6 and 8 hour charts are a really good feature to unlock for swing trading. You can also modify the open times of the candles. Broker doesn't support New York Candles? No problem, this app can correct that for you. Want your candles to open at the London open? No problem.

Card image cap
Renko & Median Renko Charts

Renko charts are a very popular "non time-based" chart. But most MT4 Renko tools are lacking in many ways. This Chart Builder is the ultimate solution for those who want Renko or Median Renko candles on their chart.

Card image cap
Heiken Ashi Charts

Heiken Ashi are fully supported in the Custom Chart Builder of course. You get all the benefits that come with the Chart Builder for your Heiken Ashi charting, but you also have the same customizable options as you do with normal candlesticks - allowing you to create some very unique HA charts.

Card image cap
Range Candles

Range candles are another type of non-time based charts, but again many range candle builders are limited. The Chart Builder will take a lot of stress out of building a range candle chart.

Card image cap
Basket Charts

Something that no other tools do, is give you the ability to make basket charts. Tell the Chart Builder what symbols you want in your basket, and the Chart Builder will output an "index chart" of your basket. You can tell the Chart Builder how to orientate each symbol and how much weight they have in the index. Baskets can be generated as candlesticks, renko, range ... what ever you want.

Card image cap

Workspaces is a very powerful feature of the Custom Chart Builder. Create all your custom charts, plot all your levels, add your fav indicators and color scheme. When you reload your workspace - all your custom charts will be regenerated and restored exactly the way you left them. This is something that no other tool does, eliminating a lot of frustration and saving you time.

Card image cap
Helpful Tab Renaming

We've implemented a custom tab renaming scheme, so that your custom charts will be easily identifiable.

Card image cap
Add Indicators & EA's To Your Custom Charts!

Because the Chart Builder creates native MT4 charts, you have the ability to add all your favorite Indicators and/or Expert Advistors to the custom chart. Unlike other tools which cause indicators and robots to use the price action from the original symbol, all inidcator data and robot decisions will be based directly off the custom chart you've built. Eg. A moving average plotted on a renko chart, will be calculated off the renko candles.

Card image cap
All Custom Charts Managed From 1 Panel

Some custom builders out there require you to have a 'mother chart' for every custom chart you build. It makes your workspace cumbersome. With the Chart Builder, you manage all your custom charts from one location and the panel will feed new price ticks to all open custom charts, making them "live".

*** Trade Management Panel for MT4 & MT5 ***

As part of your War Room membership, you will have access to our cutting edge money management and trade execution expert advisor for Metatrader. This trade panel is one of the few in the industry which is compatible with both MT4 & MT5!

This is an extremly popular tool with the War Room Traders!

war room trade management panel
  • Fast trade order setup with the click of a button
  • Easy position risk calculation - risk by set $ amount or by account %
  • Instant lot size calculation on trade execution (works for CFD's too)
  • Easy profit target settings - target profits by risk/reward, or $ profit amount etc
  • Advanced trailing stop loss options - trail by risk/reward, EMA values or candlestick high/lows
  • OCO (order candles order) capability
  • Advanced straddle trading functionalily
  • Warroom money management strategies built in
  • OCG Order option (set a group of pending orders, which every triggers first remains, the rest are canceled)
  • + A lot More...

*** Frequently Asked Questions ***

Trading Support

The most common complaint I receive about other Forex membership sites is that the trader was 'left for dead' once they signed up. Even after paying for the service, occasionally traders are even asked to pay extra fees to receive help from the site owner.

I am an active Forex trader, and am very active in the War Room. Whether is it me, or other war room traders, you will get the help you need.

I will not ask you for an extra hidden fees. The War Room sign up fee is there to filter out the 'tire-kickers' or the time wasters and to help the developed, and expansion of the War Room.

Most Comprehensive Forex Course

I believe the Price Action Protocol is the most comprehensive Forex trading course available on line - once you read it, I am confident you will think the same.

I've been trading with Price Action strategies for ~7 years. However, I'm an opened minded person and have tried many other systems, experimented with many other Forex trading strategies, and even have coded many Forex trading robots - gaining in-depth knowledge into Forex indicators and other charting tools.

The Price Action Protocol course teaches you everything to need to know, to be able to 'read' a price chart and make confident trading decisions. It also contains extremely effect money management strategies which are easy to understand and implement.

The War Room, and the Price Action Protocol trading course is all my knowledge and experience packed into one neat little package. Nothing is left out.

On Going Improvements

The War Room is an on-going project for me. I have many projects lined up that will help make the Forex War Room an even better place.

If you decide to become part of the War Room, you will be part of the family for life - any future trading tools, or improvement/extensions will be readily available to you at no extra charge.

The War Room is an on-line membership area. The Forex course material is displayed like a normal web page. There is also embedded video content.

The Chat Room, Forum and Commentary are also viewed through your web browser or mobile device. All indicators, tools and expert advisers are accessed through downloadable links.

The War Room is accessible 24/7 - it never closes. This will allow you to go through the content at your own pace.

The War Room community is generally most active after London open, and most quiet on the weekends when the market is closed.

Once you clear the PayPal or CC checkout, you are then directed to our war room sign up page where you enter your details like username, password etc. for your new war room login.

Please make sure your browser is update and you use a reputable browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. DO NOT use Internet Explorer.

At the moment we are running a limited lifetime membership sign up deal - for the discounted price you can have access to the War Room FOREVER. This is a limited time deal and we reserve the right to end this deal at any time, so don't miss out!

Cheers to your trading future, see you on the other side.

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