audnzd inside bar flag at downtrend  mean value

Last session we seen the market consolidate in a really lull market. Most charts at the moment have really flattened out and the momentum have just died. So the key thing for us to do in these flat periods is to spot the markets which have some life in them.

That’s why I wanted to talk about AUDNZD today, a pair I don’t normally talk about much. However this cross pair has been on a nice downtrend and the fire doesn’t seem to be out yet.

Last session dropped an inside day with a hint of bearishness to its close for the day. Friday’s candle was also a fairly bearish day.

Asian session breaks on this pair are not uncommon because because the Australian and New Zealand economy are active in the Asia session. So logically breaks during the Asian session are valid trades.

Updated Situation

audnzd bearish inside day at hot spot

Looking back at the AUDNZD market this week, it’s been at a centerpoint of our focus because AUDNZD in an establish downtrend at the moment which is clearly visible at first glance on the daily chart. It is this momentum that seems rare in the markets at this moment.

An Inside day has formed as price stalled and churned at a hot spot on the chart. The Inside day closed with nice bearish tone so we can consider short trades on the break of the low.

The Inside day we previously talked about above this week never got the breakout trigger, so trades should of been triggered there.

Trade Update

audnzd inside day breakouts hits +250pips and 1 to 3 risk reward

The AUDNZD cross pair market has been a heavily focal point of price action discussion, especially in the War Room.

We targeted this market because of the beautiful downward momentum the chart has been displaying, the trend stability and of course the price action signals that were forming.

AUDNZD dropped an Inside day consolidation flag right at a key hot spot on the chart for short trades. We were triggered into short positions when the market broke out of the consolidation pattern to the downside.

We always aim to trade breakouts in existing trends only, never in sideways markets. Now Inside day breakouts do produce very explosive moves, and this one has seen the market dive a rapid 250 pips into profit

This meets out 1:3 risk reward target, some war room traders reported getting 1:7 using the advanced entry methods and money management techniques in the price action protocol.

These price action signals are so easy to identify and execute, you hardly even need to be in front on the trading screen, you just set, forget and let the market take care of the hard work for you.

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