Price Action Battle Station

$99.00 AUD

  • Candlestick Pattern Recognition for Price Action Traders
  • Breakout Detectors
  • Receive Notifications Directly To Your iPhone/Android Mobile or Email
  • Quality Control Filters To Eliminate Bad Signals
  • Reads Your Support, Resistance & Trend Lines for Quality Control & More Detailed Notifications
  • Use MT4/5 Box or Triangle Drawing Tools to Highlight Consolidations for the Battle Station
  • Trend Filter to Eliminate High Risk Counter Trend Signals/Patterns
  • Multi Timeframe Scanning
  • Compatible with MT4/5
  • Compatibility & Unique Features With Renko Charts
  • Visa Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • PayPal
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Need A Bunch of Your Charts Monitored For Signals, Breakouts or Bounces?

The Battle Station – A Multi Functional Chart Scanner Made By A Trader, For Traders

Candlestick Pattern Recognition

The Battle Station is programmed to find these popular candle stick patterns…

vertical candlestick markers

…And You can be Notified Via Your Mobile or Email

Never Miss Another Candlestick Pattern Again. Let the Battle Station Monitor the Charts For You…

  • Alerts contain clear details of pattern / symbol / time frame of candle stick pattern found
  • Alerts display information interaction with support and resistance levels you’ve marked on your chart
  • Alerts display extra information on trend line interaction on your charts
  • Alerts will also contain candle interaction with box/triangle consolidation features you’ve drawn on your chart
candle stick alerts example

With Quality Control Filters Available to Cut Out Low Probability Signals

Integrated are some easy to use quality control options to filter out bad signals that you do not want to be bothered about.

Range Filter

Candlestick patterns must reach certain range criteria before being passed as a valid signal…

candlestick range filter off
candlestick range filter on

Swing Level Filter

This filter checks if a reversal candlestick pattern formed on a swing high or low.

swing filter sideways market off
swing filter on sideways conditions

Trend Filter

Previously the Battle Station had a more complex algorithm for trend detection, but it was CPU intensive so I switched to the simple moving average filter, which provided results fairly close to the previous algo.

moving average filter example

You Can Even Explicitly Only Allow Signals That React With Your Technical Analysis

With this feature on, you can tell the Battle Station to only notify you of patterns that form off chart features you’ve placed, like horizontal levels, trend lines, boxes + more…

Support & Resistance Levels

technical filter off in range
technical filter on in range

Works Really Well With Renko Charts Too…

renko rejection notification off support

Other Chart Analysis

technical filter on trend lines
trend filter on rectangle

Breakout Detection Methods Are Available Also

The Battle Station has an array of tools built in for detecting price action breakouts on the charts.

It mostly works from your own technical analysis – the Battle Station scans your chart setup and notifies you when the market breaks through areas you’ve labeled as important technical features.

Horizontal Level & Trend Line Breakout Detection

trend line breakout example

Box Breakout Detection

rectangle breakout example

Also Possible With Squeeze Patterns Using The Triangle Tool…

squeeze pattern breakout example
after triangle consolidation marked

Renko Chart Features

The Battle Station supports renko charts, which are a personal favorite of mine.

If you’re a renko trader, the Battle Station is going to be like a Swiss army knife when it comes to functionality. You’re not going to be able to find a better renko price action indicator out there.

New Renko Candle Notifications

One of the biggest issues with renko candles, is that you do not know when a new renko candle is going to form.

The Battle Station addresses this by giving you the option to send notifications when a new renko candle is printed.

new renko candle indicator alert

Plus The Option To Only Be Notified About Renko Direction Changes…

You might want to be notified of a direction change if you’re short, and want to be alerted if a bullish direction change occurred.

only notify on direction change renko candle
new renko candle direction change

Renko Rejection Candle Pattern Detection

The only candlestick pattern for renko charts right now is the renko Rejection Candle. This is an experimental candle at the moment, but does signal a reversal is likely to occur on the charts.

renko rejection candles

Some Other Features To Summarize

+ More & On-Going Development