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  • Sale! battle station app cover

    Price Action Battle Station

    $99.00 AUD
    • Candlestick Pattern Recognition for Price Action Traders
    • Breakout Detectors
    • Receive Notifications Directly To Your iPhone/Android Mobile or Email
    • Quality Control Filters To Eliminate Bad Signals
    • Reads Your Support, Resistance & Trend Lines for Quality Control & More Detailed Notifications
    • Use MT4/5 Box or Triangle Drawing Tools to Highlight Consolidations for the Battle Station
    • Trend Filter to Eliminate High Risk Counter Trend Signals/Patterns
    • Multi Timeframe Scanning
    • Compatible with MT4/5
    • Compatibility & Unique Features With Renko Charts
  • Sale!

    Trade Manager Panel

    $49.00 AUD
    • Fast, Easy, Trade Setup With Entry/Stop/Target/Trailing/Break Even/Straddle Strategies
    • No More Lot Size Guessing – Auto Calculation Of Trade Volume Based Off $ or Acc %
    • Automatic Order Type Detection Based On Your Entry Price Relative To Current Market Price
    • New “Risk Reward” Style Trade Setup Box. Click & Drag Risk/Reward Boxes & Open Trade When Done!
    • Common Used Entry & Stop loss Calculators – Candle Retrace %, Candle High/Low, ATR value etc.
    • Advanced Trailing Stops, Move to Break Even Options &¬†Lock In Profit Management Options
    • Straddle Trading Options to Open Positions In Opposition Direction Recovery Strategies
    • Easy Order Cancels Order (OCO) & Order Cancels Group (OCG) System
    • Only Need 1 Trade Manager Open To Manage All Your Trades From Multiple Symbols
    • Trade Settings Recovery If Computer Crashes / Power Out Scenario – Some Users Were Saved Costs of VPN Because of This.
    • Risk Protection Checks (For Fat Finger Accidental Extra 0’s)
    • Simple Press Buy/Sell Buttons – Setup Your Trade Params, Press Buy/Sell or Open Trade & The Panel Does the Rest
    • Compatible with MT4 & MT5 (Some Options/Strategies Not Compatible With FIFO MT5 Accounts)
    • No Computer/Account Limit Restriction (as long as it is for your use only*)