Battle Station’s Multiple Time Frame Scanning

multi time frame scanning coverThe Battle Station is designed for the price action swing trader.

To help out us swing traders, the Battle Station has ‘passive scanning’ options for two extra time frames:

  • 1 hour time frame
  • 4 hour time frame

We can opt in to passively scan these two time frames regardless of what time frame we are currently loaded on.

This was designed to be able to have the Battle station loaded on the daily chart, and at the same time be able scan the lower swing trading time frames.

To turn the passive scanning on, go here:

passive scanning options

By default the 1 hour chart is turned off. This is to stop excessive notifications coming through, especially if you’re not watching the 1 hour chart.

But if you are, feel free to turn it on.

Just underneath those switches, you might have noticed two breakout options. These will turn on/off all breakout alerts from the passive time frames.

passive time frame scanning options

There are more options for the passive time frame scanners in the individual candlestick settings, so you can get very granular with the customization.

multiple time frame candlestick scanning options

Each candle pattern is broken down into its own segment.

By default most options are switched on. From here you can customize what the passive time frame scanners look for.

notify_h4_*pattern_name* – If you have the H4 passive scanning enabled, you can turn off individual patterns that you do not want to be notified about that form on the 4 hour chart.

notify_h1_*pattern_name* – If you have the H1 passive scanning enabled, you can turn off individual patterns that you do not want to be notified about that form on the 1 hour chart.

That’s pretty much it for the multi-time frame scanning.

At this stage only the 4 hour and 1 hour are supported for passive scanning. However, the Battle Station can work off any chart / time frame you attach it to.

If you want the Battle Station to scan a custom 8 hour chart, it can certainly do that. But the 8 hour chart must be in focus.

See you in the next part of the guide!

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