The Battle Station Chart Setup – Getting Started (Newbies must read)

battle station beginner coverWhen you first load the Battle Station, the input options may look intimidating.

You don’t need to worry too much about them to get started, as they are all set to a good default operating setting. 90% of the time, I am using the default settings, as are most other traders.

But throughout this entire guide, you will learn about tweaking the different options.

There may be situations where you need to change some settings, to get the Battle Station to perform more specific tasks for you, and I’ve tried to make each aspect of the Battle Station as customization as possible.

In this chapter, I am going to walk you through:

  • Getting the Battle Station on your chart
  • Configuring it the way you want
  • Saving the template so you only have to do it once


At this point I already assume you’ve installed the Battle Station into your MT4.

If you still need to go through the installation, follow the Battle Station Installation guide


Loading the Battle Station Onto Your Chart

If you installed the Battle Station correctly, you should see it in your indicators list.

Depending on how you installed it, it might be in the root directory or in a  ‘The Forex Guy Tools’ folder (which is how I set up the file structure by default now)

loading battle station to a chart

Above: How to load the Battle Station onto a chart

When you double click, or click-and-drag the Battle Station on the chart – it will give you an ‘input options’ screen before it actually loads.

We need to do two things as a minimum to get a successful load:

  1. Make sure .dll files are enabled
  2. Input your War Room login and password

To make sure .dll file cells are enabled, select the common tab:

dll enabled settings check

Then enter your War Room username and password

battle station war room login input

Press OK, you should see the Battle Station has loaded on your chart by displaying some information in the top left corner of the screen:

battle station chart info

Not working? Check for errors now!

If this is your first time loading the Battle Station – this is the point where you are likely to run into loading errors. These are usually caused by an incorrect installation.

If the Battle Station is not loading, check the expert tab for errors – it is located on the bottom panel of MT4. If you can’t see it, press CTRL+T, which will toggle it in and out of view…

expert panel location

Above: The expert tab is where all errors are logged from the battle station.

If you see errors here – follow the Battle Station error troubleshooting guide.


Customizing The Input Options

You got a peek at the input options panel when you first loaded the Battle Station and used it to input your login details.

There are a lot of options, as I tried to make each aspect of the Battle Station customizable for personalization.

So don’t be intimidated by the amount of options there are – they are all set to an optimal default setting which is how most traders (including myself) use the tool.

If you need to get back to the input options, press CTRL+i to bring up the loaded indicators window.

indicator settings window

Note: If you see more than one instance of the Battle Station loaded, you should delete the duplicates so there is only one per chart. This happens when you load the Battle Station more than once per chart.

Once you click the edit button (or just double click on the Battle Station in the list), you are brought back to the input options.

You will need to come back here from time to time if you need to adjust settings.

input options edit screen

Throughout this guide, we will talk more about how you can customize these options to get a personalized experience from the Battle Station.


Creating Your Own Color Theme

One of the first issues people come across is the color theme.

The Battle Station has an automatic theme setter, so you don’t have to configure all the chart colors and settings every time you load a chart.

If you want to make color adjustments to your chart – you need to turn off the theme setter!

Go to the input options:

turn of theme setter

Above: Set the chart_color_theme_setup option to NO_THEME_CHANGE to disable the theme setter

To make color changes to the candlestick markers, select the colors tab, and follow this cheat sheet.

battle station buffer drawing options

Above: This tab is where you can make changes to the candlestick patter markers on the chart.

To change the breakout markets on the chart, navigate to the input options:

breakout color markers

Once you’ve customized the Battle Station the way you want it. Press the F8 key, or right click on the chart and select properties from the popup menu.

changing chart colors

Above: Where you customize your chart colors (candlestick colors, background colors, etc.)

As long as the theme control option is turned off, you will be able to make these color changes to your chart theme – which is a perfect segway into the next section…


Saving the Battle Station as Part of Your Template

Ok – you’ve gone through the effort of changing all the color options for:

  • The candlestick pattern markers
  • The breakout markers
  • Chart colors

We don’t want to have to do this more than once – which is where chart templates come in handy.

Chart templates will save:

  • All your Battle Station input options (from the input tab)
  • The Battle Station Candlestick marker colors (from the color tab)
  • The charting colors (from the chart properties tab)

Watch out!

The template also saves information about:

  • Support and resistance levels drawn
  • Any shapes or other objects you’ve marked on the chart
  • Other indicators or robots you’ve loaded onto the chart

When we make a template, we need to remove anything we do not want duplicated on on every single chart.

Press CTRL+B and remove ALL objects before saving a template:

clear all objects

Note: If the objects window doesn’t appear when you press CTRL+B, don’t worry – that’s a good sign, it means you had no objects drawn on the chart.

Once you’ve set everything up the way you wanted, and cleared all unwanted objects – you can go ahead and save the template file.

Right click on the chart again to bring up the pop-up menu. Click on template -> save template…

save template

Name the template to whatever you like and press the save button.

save template

Pro Tip

If you name your template ‘default.tpl‘, and overwrite any existing default template there, MT4 will automatically load any new chart with your custom template.

This is exactly how I set my template up.

If you need to load any custom templates you’ve made, just do the following…

Right click on any chart and navigate to template -> Load Template…

load template

Then simply select the template you wish to load:

custom template loaded

That pretty much covers the basics of customizing your MT4 template with the Battle Station.

Remember This

It’s a good idea to save your War Room login info in the Battle Station options when you are creating a template.

That way you don’t have to keep putting in your login information.

there is more memeNow you know how to create your own templates.

As we venture into the guide further, you will discover other options you might want to change in the Battle Station.

If you make any changes to the Battle Station input options later, you will need to re-save your template, and save over the top of your previous one to update it.

Just remember not to re-save your updated template with any support or resistance levels, or objects as discussed above.

See you in the next chapter.

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  1. Marduke comment display photo
    Just finished the first chapter, install of Battle Station. Went smooth!

  2. Erebus comment display photo
    #1 subscriber here, v 2.583, just changed the bearish candle colors but it reverts to Blanched Almond? Also, there are 13 items in the list, I think the bottom 2 are the Moving Averages? Might need to update that picture. By the way, the line below that picture says "changes to the candlestick patter markers" - see the spelling of pattern! As for the Object deleting, if there is a persistent Object that will not disappear, use the List All button, that will make sure all Objects are listed.
    1. Dale Woods comment display photo
      Dale Woods
      There is a auto theme setup option in the battle station options, change it to NO_THEME_CHANGE
    2. Dale Woods comment display photo
      Dale Woods
      Make sure you change the theme setup options to "NO_THEME_CHANGE" in the options if you want custom colors.

  3. Matt comment display photo
    Hi Dale, Are all features available in the trial? I have the BattleStation Trial Indicator on a D1 chart and can see reversal candles, inside day markers, multiple inside day markers, moving averages....but I dont get any yellow breakout candles? Tried scrolling back, different pairs, different luck. Is there an obvious setting I might be missing?Thanks
    1. Dale Woods comment display photo
      Dale Woods
      Contact me on my support man.
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