In today’s video lesson, I walk through two live trade setups – the Doji Indecision pattern, and the Rejection Candle Reversal signals.

I use basic price action market analysis to build value and confluence into the trade setups and demonstrate how these basic, yet profitable signals can be traded easily within only ~15 mins.

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    I am a this forex system

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    Michael Arthur

    AWESOME. Thanks for your videos, its really been helpful.

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    What’s your take on trading the Asian breakout and reverse strategy on H4 timeframe? Is it a reliable timeframe to trade. ?
    What’s the best time to check before London opens? 1 hour before , 2 hours before?

    Thank you.

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    Awesome videos – so simple but so informative and easy to follow – huge thanks

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    Good video Dale ….Thx

    How can I set up the bullish or bearish notification signal in my Samsung android. please let me know the procedure.

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    Steve Epperson

    Sorry for your loss on the AUD/CHF trade. But that AUD/CAD daily chart was a thing of beauty! So simple, yet so beautiful. Thanks also for the lesson on mean reversion trade setups. I haven’t been using EMA indicator in my naked trading– I hang my head in shame.

    I promise to start using it today, oh great one…

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    good explaination , now i understand how doji’s work.

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    Real honnest video thanks

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    thanks. nice educational videos.

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