Dow Jones Breaks To New Highs – Catching The Move With Price Action Trading

This was a Dow Jones breakout trade that I took as the price broke into new all time highs.

The video will walk you through my market analysis, trade decision process and show you how I managed my exit strategy.

I say managed my exit, because some unexpected circumstances were around the corner, which I needed to take action on.

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Howdy traders,

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  1. Steve Epperson comment display photo
    Steve Epperson
    Brought the music back, eh? My foot's still tapp'n. Don't make me get up and shake it, Dale! I like the explanation here of the set up. However, what most of us amateurs have trouble with is the proper exit at the proper time. I think you did a nice job of reiterating when to get out. As usual, thanks for the great video.

  2. Wayne Wardman comment display photo
    Wayne Wardman
    A very intelligent approach, including the exit rationale

  3. Patrick comment display photo
    Good article Dale, but I have another question outside this article. how to go the daily commentary link or maybe you have discarded it on the new site?
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