How to Use Top-Down Analysis in Your Technical Analysis for Better Trades

I think video tutorial, I am going to show you one of my favorite technical analysis approaches – “Top-Dow Analysis”

This is a really powerful technique you can use, especially on lower timeĀ  frames, to build value into your trades, and ultimately filter to good signals, from the bad signals.

This video game me an opportunity to demonstrate a good signal backed with top down analysis, and a bad, or ‘risky’ signal which was also highlighted with the top down approach.

I hope you enjoy.

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  1. wasfi comment display photo
    its really an excellent analysis, top to down with clear explanation. secondly i am really appreciate the patience you got for keeping the trade after the pin bar which you were right . excellent job
    1. chee wee foo comment display photo
      chee wee foo
      Dale is a great mentor and a trader...simple n powerful concept.. i followed many other mentors concept...too complicated n messy... thanks dale ...u are always a great mentor. just this concept n practice as it make progess in your trading...i believe just one concept ,practice well n u will be a consistence trader in your trading career...thank you dale always.

  2. bill comment display photo
    Dale, Thanks for the Tutorial! I'm retired, but playing with the idea of opening a small real account once I reach a reasonable confidence level. In the video you showed the Trade Panel you are using for the MT4 Platform. How could I get my hands on it? Seems it would be a helpful tool to have. Also, what are the two Moving Averages you're using? Would appreciate a reply, Thank You, bill

  3. Andy comment display photo
    Congratulations on taking a chance with that trade. I like the simplicity of your analysis. I wish it was always that simple. First, price may not be making higher highs and higher lows while still in an uptrend. So what do you do then? Second, your analysis assumed weekly uptrend, however, using your own definition of the trend on the daily chart, the weekly chart was in a downtrend. So how did you arrive to your assumption? Thanks for sharing and good trading!

  4. mohamed imchichi comment display photo
    mohamed imchichi
    i found your analysis very useful and practical. could you pls show us more exemples

  5. vincent foo comment display photo
    vincent foo
    dale, great lesson n concept...simple n powerful...i followed most of your weekly analysis on currencies pairs ,did apply the top down approach,yes works pretty well...thank you as u make my trading journey smooth with confident in taking trade...thank you again, always the best dale.
    1. Dale Woods comment display photo
      Dale Woods
      Thanks very much Vincent :D

  6. Abd rahmad comment display photo
    Abd rahmad
    I have used this strategy too ... what I want to know ... from ... the videos above EMA 8 and 21 are weakly ... what are they used for? what I saw in the video ... you don't follow the trend between the two EMA
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