In this video I would like to show you THE momentĀ Forex traders usually buckle when riding out a trade to their profit target, especially during trending conditions.

I’ve noticed this is a continued psychological weakness in trades which is sadly causing them to “cut winners short”.

This video uses a real money trade of mine as an example, so it’s a real scenario.

I hope this video gives you the tips you need to help overcome this common problem. Enjoy!



  1. Hi, what chart time frame did you used in that trade? and what time frame do you usually use in majority of your trades? thanks

  2. Hello Dale ,
    That was an awesome video your swing trading and price action combination are second to none.
    Great video.

  3. Hi Dale, I think the bit about not exiting the long trade without seeing a short setup worthy of entering short is a bit of a jewel. hits the nail on the head! The rest of planning the whole trade scenario should be second nature to a trader.
    Thanks again

  4. Hi Dale,

    Any chance that i can get the forex mini course? I clicked on the link but i’m not getting the email.


  5. Good down to earth and up to the sky stuff! Just looking but hope not for too long before I get my shovel out.

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