Important Quality Control Tips When Trading Inside Candle Breakouts

Inside candle breakouts can be very profitable, but also very costly – it really comes down to how well you’re trained to identify the good inside candle breakout opportunities from the trash can ones.

In this video, I am going to walk you through a live trade that I took, and talk about some important things that I look for when trading an inside candle breakout setup.

I hope you enjoy the video, leave a comment below for me if you did 🙂

Best of luck with your next inside candle trade.


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  1. Steve Epperson comment display photo
    Steve Epperson
    It's amazing how small the candles look on a daily chart, yet they can yield us so much money!

  2. Johnfaith Daniels comment display photo
    Johnfaith Daniels
    I sold the pair at 1.2868 and opt out of it at 1.2563. I love your teaching and I must say that, you have helped me alot and get glued to your often commentaries as these as well play a role. thanks Dale

  3. Gordon comment display photo
    thank you for the free knowledge

  4. newton comment display photo
    very informative
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