This video walks through the USDJPY daily chart as a major uptrend stalls and gives clues to a change in direction. A nice bearish price action setup forms inline with the bearish analysis, building a good case to consider going short. Watch the video to see how I analyze the chart and forecast a major bearish breakout.


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    Your explaination is very easy to understand. Thanks you very much, this about to change my life in forex trading before.

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    Radi Cholakov (@RadiSpeculant)

    nice lecture I get the idea a bit better, now. I’m gonna invest in i7 new MB and have a second try to code a good strategy on inside bar. Having really nice results with my EA understanding on Power Candle. Thanks mate keep up the good work.

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    I have learn alot from this video.I am the beginner.I need more knolwledge relating to using forex tools application in the determining the market trend.Please guide me in this regard.Thanks for your efforts for beginners.

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