How To Setup iPhone/Android/Email Candlestick MT4 Battle Station Alerts

Did you know you can get alerts from your favorite indicator or robot, straight to your mobile phone or email address?

But… This will only work if your MT4 indicator or expert advisor is programmed to accommodate this.

Guess what! My price action Battle Station Indicator is designed specifically for this functionality – it sends very detailed trade alert notifications to your smart phone or email.

Imagine…. you’re down at the beach, at the shopping mall, or just in the next room watching a movie – then all of a sudden your phone starts beeping with trade alerts. It’s an awesome time to be alive with today’s evolving tech era!

In this guide, I am going to show you how to set up MT4 so you can receive these alerts.


I will be using my Battle Station indicator as the example for this tutorial. For traders using the Battle Station following this guide, after I cover the basics I will talk about the more advanced notifications options of the Battle Station.

If you’re following along, but are setting the alerts up for a different tool, don’t worry the process is the same.


Quick Setup Steps

If you don’t need the detailed explanation, here are the point form steps condensed below. Continue below to see the detailed guide.

How to Setup MT4 Smart Phone Notifications

  1. Download the MetaTrader App to your Device
  2. Open the MetaTrader App, Tap Settings, Grab the MetaQuotes ID
  3. Go to your desktop install of Metatrader, click file->options
  4. Select the Notifications Tab
  5. Insert your MetaQuotes ID into the field. Press test to ensure a link is established.
  6. Press OK, Now your desktop MT4 can send notifications to your Metatrader App.

How to Setup MT4 Email Notifications

  1. Go to your desktop install of Metatrader, click file->options
  2. Select the Email Tab
  3. Check the ‘Enable’ Checkbox
  4. Fill in all your email server settings. You may need to do some googling here. I have Gmail settings in the more detailed guide on this page
  5. Press test to make sure the email sends, make sure you check your spam/junk email box and mark Battle Station messages not spam


Setting Up iPhone/Android Smart Phone App Notifications (Step-by-step)

battle-station-alert-examplesMetatrader have made it really easy to allow your custom built MT4 plugins to push out alerts to your smart phone or tablet device.

The obvious benefit here is that you’re not tied up in front of the charts all day, constantly checking at key times – instead you get notified when a candle pattern, breakout, or other trade opportunity is detected.

It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have your smart phone with you.

I’ve received alerts when I am at the gym, beach, shopping, at friends houses, etc… You can then go ahead and check the charts to evaluate if the signal is worth trading.

I will show you how to set-up the Battle Station notifications on my old iPhone, the process will be very similar for the android phones.


I prefer the alerts to be pushed onto an iPhone. I like how the alerts are displayed individually on the iPhone lock screen. Android phones group the notifications. If anyone knows how to un-group the Android notifications on the lock screen, please let me know 🙂


Download the MetaTrader App onto Your Device

This is pretty straight forward. Go to your devices app store, search for MetaTrader – download and install the app.

If you go onto your desktop install of MT4, and select tools->options from the top menu. Then select the notifications tab.

There are two buttons here which will directly link you to the Metatrader App for your device.



Get Your MetaTrader App ID Code

Once you get the app installed, open it up and navigate to the settings area.


Down the bottom of the settings page you should see your MetaQuotes ID.


Your desktop Metatrader needs this number, so it knows what device to send its messages to.


Sync Your Desktop MT4 with Your MT4 App

Now we need to input the MetaQuotes ID from your app, into the desktop install.

In your desktop MetaTrader, select tools->options from the top menu, then select the notifications tab.

Check the Enable Push Notifications checkbox, and insert your Metaquotes ID.


You can press the test button to receive a test notification to check if the connection is set up properly.

Optional:  Check the ‘Notify of trade transactions’ checkbox if you wish MT4 to send alerts regarding updates to your trades.

Press OK and you’re all set up. The Price Action Battle Station, or your custom indicator can now send notifications to your iPhone or Android device.


How to Setup MT4 Email Alerts (Step-By-Step)

In this section I am going to walk you through the setup process for getting MT4 email alerts from your indicators.

I am not sure how many people will want this feature, considering the mobile phone notification functionality is more convenient.

By default I’ve turned email alerts in the Battle Station OFF, so you will have to manually set this to ON if you want to use it.


To setup email notifications, you will need to know all your email server details.

If you have a Gmail account, you can use the Gmail SMTP server address to push the email through your email account.

For example:

  • SMTP Gmail server: (I tested this and it works)
  • SMTP Login: Your Gmail, example: [email protected]
  • SMTP Password: Your Gmail password
  • From: Price Action Battle Station
  • To: Any email address you want the notification emails sent to.

More about Gmail server settings here:

Just search for, Hotmail or Yahoo SMTP settings if you have email accounts with those companies. Otherwise you will need to contact your internet service or email provider for the server details. Google is your friend.

Press the test button to make sure the emails get in your inbox.

If you don’t get any emails, make sure you check your spam/junk folder. If you do find the email alerts there, make sure you mark them ‘not as spam’, so your email system knows they are safe.


Battle Station Notification Options

battle-station-optionsBecause notifications are a core part of the Battle Station’s design, there a quite a few options here for you to customize… only if you need to.

Don’t be intimidated by them, they are easy to understand.

The options are arranged in a way where you have master on/off switches at the top – controlling different groups of options. These master switches allow you to easily disable a whole group of options at once

Then as you move down the input options,  you can find more refined options.

Let me walk you through all the options relevant to notification settings, most of them are pretty self-explanatory.


Put Notifications to Sleep During Certain Hours

One user complained the Battle Station was making his phone beep during the night by sending alerts during sleeping hours. I can empathize with this, as it was sometimes an issue for me also – in Australia the busiest times of the markets is during the night.

So this option was implemented in a later version to put the app notification system to sleep during a specific set of hours you specify.

notification sleep options

Above is the general notification options for the Battle Station.

The Battle Station can send notifications in 1 of 3 ways:

  • Smart phone (iPhone/Android) notifications
  • Email
  • Internal Desktop MT4 Popups
  • Character limit for smart phone notifications

You can turn each of these features on/off here. The smart phone notifications is on by default.

Notice the enable_smart_phone_notify_sleep option.

If you switch that to ON, then the smart phone notification system will go to sleep during the start and end hour times specified in:

  • local_time_sleep_24hour_start
  • local_time_sleep_24hour_end

It is important to note the inputs are hour times in 24 hour format. You can only input specific hours, not minutes or seconds.


The Battle Station reads your windows time settings. So make sure your windows clock is set to the correct time. If it’s not set to your local time, the sleep system will turn on/off during unexpected hours

The Battle Station also tries to shorten long notifications with abbreviations to try fit the whole message, to fit it all on your smart phone home screen without truncating it.

As newer smart phones are released, you may be able to increase this number. The character limit was set so it fits on an iPhone 5s home screen (so fairly small in today’s standards).

Of course the full notification message can be read if you open it.


Customize What Kind Of Alerts Your Receive

The Battle Station can detect a fair amount of price action events on your charts. So I’ve put these options here to allow to customize what kind of notifications you would like to receive.

notification subscription options

Here are some global switches, which are like a master switch. Turn these off and the entire category of options connected to these global switches will be disabled.

For example global_notify_breakout_candles is a master switch for turn on/off all breakout alerts.

If you have it turned on, then there are some more switches you can use to customize what kind of breakout alerts you will receive.

  • notify_trendline_breakouts   (from user drawn trend lines)
  • notify_box_breakouts             (from user drawn square shapes)
  • notify_squeeze_breakouts    (from user drawn triangle shapes)
  • notify_weekly_breakouts      (from previous weekly candle high/low prices)
  • notify_monthly_breakouts      (from previous monthly candle high/low prices)


There is also master switches for the type of candlestick pattern alerts you can recieve

  • global_notify_reversal_candles (all reversal class candlestick patterns)
  • global_notify_inside_candles (a master switch for all inside candle alerts)
  • global_notify_doji_candles (a master switch for all doji candle alerts)


Customizing Candlestick Pattern Notifications

I’ve given you full control on what candlestick patterns you would like to be alerted about.


Each candle pattern has it’s own set of sub-options which you can use for more advanced control of your notifications.

By default, inside candles and doji candle master switches are turned OFF. You will find with them switched ON, you will get an overwhelming amount of alerts.

All the other candle pattern notifications are turned on by default.

The advanced candle options look extensive and complicated – but in most cases you won’t have to worry about them, just leave them be.

The purpose of the advanced options section is to give you complete control of what the Battle Station notifies you about.

Each candle pattern is broken down into its own segment. By default everything is switched on. If you want to disable notifications or drawing for a certain candle, you can do that in its respective segment.

draw_*pattern_name* – This will turn off chart drawing of the respective pattern for the current time frame, but won’t disable notifications.

notify_current_tf_*pattern_name* – Turns off notifications for the time frame the Battle Station is loaded onto, but won’t effect candle drawing.

notify_h4_*pattern_name* – If you have the H4 passive scanning enabled, you can turn off individual patterns that you do not want to be notified about that form on the 4 hour chart.

notify_h1_*pattern_name* – If you have the H1 passive scanning enabled, you can turn off individual patterns that you do not want to be notified about that form on the 1 hour chart.


That’s all the notification options covered for the Battle Station. It’s easy to see how much control you get on what the Battle Station alerts you about. You can get more specific control by turning on/off notifications for each individual signal.


Final Notes

I hope this guide has been helpful. Like I said most of the input settings for the Battle Station are made obvious, so you know what they control.

Being able to receive trade notifications from my Battle Station tool has been a game changer. I can allow the Battle Station to do the hard work for me and keep an eye on many markets at once.

It’s very rare that the Battle Station misses a candlestick or breakout signal.

I hope it works just as well for you as it has for me.

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    Concise. I am a newbie to the battle station, but I can plainly see how incredible this opportunity is when married up with my smartphone. I am busy at the office approximately 12 hours a day, and have very little time to watch the charts. I have been compelled to abandon Forex Trading for the last 5 Years. But you're training, battle station and smartphone alerts have give me a Lifeline to be able to get back into it. So for me, your smartphone connection is the total reason why I will be able to get back into 4X and adapt my trading to your system protocols. For me, your Integrated Systems are the sole reason why I am able to get back into 4X, and for that I am very grateful!!! 🎉🎇🎆🎖️

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