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Price Action Trade walkthrough | NZDUSD Bullish Rejection Candle Setup

In this video walk through we discuss an example of one of our price action trade setups, ‘the Rejection Candle’. We demonstrate how trading with price action only is all you really need to be successful in the markets, with so many traders now going down the path of loading up their charts with indicators, scalping low time frames and over trading their account washing themselves out of the market, in this video we will show how we easily got a 300% return without using any indicators and trading from the daily chart all in 5 mins work.




  1. small accounts with your strategy will take along time to grow. As there are not many signals. You need to tell people to carry on with your job.

    1. Anyone with a small account is going to take a long time to grow capital over someone that has a big account. If you use sensible risk allocation to your trades. Your statement basically implies if you have a small account, you should take high risk positions to try and quickly boost your gains – it’s a dangerous practice and unfortunately it’s the way most people choose to trade. That’s why an extremely high amount of beginner traders are getting burned.

      Trading the daily timeframe can get you into trades that produce 300 to 600% ROI and beyond.

  2. Help me please. How did you determine the “support” line and then the “swing” line. Just starting out, I do not see the point of identifying either. Thanks for breaking this down just a bit.

    1. Sure Greg. The support line there is the level where price had a lot of trouble pushing under, and the horizontal level ‘supported’ price.

      A swing level is what you get in trending markets when the market steps it’s way higher or lower. The swing level is where a trending market will use previous swing highs as new support, or previous swing lows as new resistance. Price will ‘swing’ around that level. These situations generate really good trading opportunities and are the bread and butter of swing trading tactics.

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