In this video journal, I walk you through a nice bearish swing trade opportunity on the GBPNZD chart.

First I do that chart analysis and show my target area for bearish signals to form. Once the bearish signal forms, I show how I set up the trade and then manage it to profit.

I show some of the MT4 tools I use to make sure I don’t miss any signals that form while I am not watching the markets.

Enjoy the video, and I hope it does inspire you to give swing trading in the Forex market a serious go.


  1. I’m really glad you posted this. I followed your weekly commentary on this and got in to this trade as well. I got out a bit before you did and it definitely helps to see your methods and how long you held on to this. I had only 1:5 whereas you had 1:13. I liked your showing how you got your stop loss on the 1 hr. as well. My stop was much larger.

    Thank you!

  2. Well done , that shows one need s alot of screen time in order to spot these setups , although it looks obvious now , some how didn’t spot that resistance and that’s where the trade kicked off after the rejection. good on you Dale , keep up the good work.

  3. hello Dale

    I have been watching this video for a while now hopping I will understand why did enter this trade where you u entered, because where you entered I didn’t see good trigger signal or you entered as continuation entry?. please can you elaborate your reason for entry.


  4. Absolutely awesome trade! Thanks!! I’d love to see many more videos of massive swing trades just like this! The more we see, the more confident we get! 🙂

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