a bearish rejection candle that formed on the EURNZD cross pair. See how we correctly identify and validate this trade setup and how we go about placing the trade order.



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    Hasham A. Rehman

    very educational. price action signals <3

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    neelamegan s rajan

    Hi Dale woods,
    I am wondering how I missed meeting you while i was in Sydney, trying seriously and losing my sleeps to become a winning trader. I had been hunting for hundreds of indicators , tried numerous setups and nothing worked until I really could understand what you professional guys are talking about price action candles.
    Any way i wish I could have met you and easily chosen you as my mentor. Any way I will return back from India soon to Sydney and looking forward to meeting you.
    Your walk through videos are so wonderful and easy to digest and my success rates in my demo tradings are hitting bulls eye most of the time. I have decided to go through all your videos again and again and start applying the techniques and get out of jungle of indicaors.

    Thanks a lot for your website which is giving wonderful service to someone like me.
    I will keep tagging you,

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