tfg tools install cover Installing my tools into mt4 is very straight forward.

It is just a matter of copying a few files into the right location, and enabling a few settings within MT4.

Because these tools are more advanced programs than your standard indicators and expert advisors, they are more sensitive to installation mistakes, so be sure to follow all the steps.


Step 1: Installing the Files

You’re welcome to install The Forex Guy tools into as many MT4 installs, as you like – as long as they are for your use, I don’t mind.

I do have systems in place to detect sharing to multiple people – please don’t do that, I will see that as an act of betrayal and ban you straight away.

There are two ways to get the files into your MT4 install.

Click on the tab below to expand the instructions for the method you want to use.

[collapse title=”Manual Installation With .zip File”]

If you’re installing the files manually – I’ve already arranged the directories, so you only need to drag and drop everything into the MQL4 data folder area, and everything will fall in its correct location.

The video below shows me doing it. In later tool download files, there will be more folders and files added than shown in the video – but the principle will be the same.

Just dump them all into the MQL4 folder.


Step 1A: Open the MT4 Data Folder

From the Metatrader 4 installation you want to install the tools to – click file->Open Data Folder

mt4 open data folder


Step 1B: Close Metatrader 4

You need to close metatrader 4 to install or update the files to make sure existing ones are not in use.

Don’t close the data folder that was opened! We need that to stay open to install the files.


Step 2: Copy the Contents of the .zip File to The MT4 Data Folder That was Opened

  1. Open the .zip file, and put the window side by side with the MQL4 data folder that was opened
  2. Selected everything in the .zip file
  3. Drag and drop into the MQL4 folder
  4. Say yes to all files when you’re prompted if you wanted to overwrite or not.

move files into mql4 folder


Step 2A: Re-Open Metatrader 4

You should now see The Forex Guy tools in your indicator, and expert list.

navigator window toggle

If you don’t see the tools in the list here, then you did something wrong – trace back through the install steps again.

After you confirm the tools are in the list, move onto step 2.


[collapse title=”Installation Using Installer (coming soon)”]
This is being developed. This space is for future tutorials.


Step 3: Tweaking MT4 Settings

Once you’ve got the files into your MT4 installation directory, we just need to enable some settings to make sure all the tools can work correctly.


Step 3A: Enable DLL calls in the global settings

Simply select tools->options from the menu, or simply use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+O

This will bring up the global options menu, select the ‘expert advisors’ tab.

global mt4 dll setting

Check the box that says ‘Allow Dll Imports’. You will also notice Metatrader also gives the same warning as I did above about .dlls

Press OK, and that’s it – you don’t have to worry about it anymore, dlls will be enabled automatically when you load your indicators and other tools on your MT4 charts.


Step 3B: Enabling .dll Calls on a per Tool Instance Basis

This method is a little tedious, but someone might want to use this method as they want to give permissions for some tools to be able to load .dlls and others not.

Every time you load a tool, like an indicator or robot onto your charts, you will first see an input box pop up.

dll file enable for mt4 tool local setting

When this box pops up, select the ‘common tab’, then check ‘Allow DLL imports’ here.

This gives the tool permission to use DLLs only for that session, next time you load it, you will probably have to keep checking that box.


Step 4: (Only for Mac & Windows 7 Users) 

Mac Users:

If you’re using a Mac, then you would probably understand by now that you need to emulate windows inside MacOs in order to get MT4 to open on your MAC.

Some windows emulators don’t seem to allow proper reading of the .dll file, but the good news is some do.

It has been confirmed that parallels does work. Some others do work, but parallels is the most popular.

Some users have reported the following emulators work:

  • Parallels (most popular)
  • Wine
  • Virtual Box

I am not a MAC user, so I can’t confirm, but Parallels seems to be a sure thing. I think any decent emulator will work!


Windows 7 Users (Including Mac users emulating Windows 7):

Windows 7 and MAC Users: It is important that you update the Microsoft framework in windows 7. If you don’t then the .dll file cannot be read.

Update here (it is free):


You’re Done

If you followed all the steps correctly, the tools will be ready for use.

If something is not working, then please follow this: The Forex Guy tools troubleshooting guide to fix common issues.

[button type=”warning” size=”lg” block=”true” link=”” target=”_blank”]The Forex Guy Tools Troubleshooting Guide[/button]

I’ve tried to build as many helpful error messages as possible into the tools, so you know if there is a setting out of place, or something is missing.

Please continue on with the guide if you need to know how to use the tools.