In this video I document two of my trades.

One on the GBPCAD and the Dow Jones… I know many war room traders are eager to see how the Dow traded panned out.

I show how to apply top-down analysis with price action analysis, looking at things like swing points and simple support and resistance.

After I take the trades, I keep you up to date on their progress and then conclude how it all finished up.

One of them turned out to be a huge winner, then other didn’t go as expected.

Enjoy the video, I hope you find it insightful.


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    Michael Fells

    I have been looking for real forex training for two years. Thank you for sharing!

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    Dale….Fantastic video of showing (1) a phenomenal setup on your forex trade–and great trading results and (2) great set up on the Dow and . . . . great trading results. You demonstrate on (2) that you set a directional bias, your bias was countered by the market and you followed your trading rules by stopping out, minimizing loss. Rather than viewing it as a failed trade, it is viewed as successfully following through on your trading process/rules. Single best lesson that any can learn.

    I’m not a forex trader, but found your site through Michael Douglas search. Your commentary is appropriate for all trading markets. What a great resource you have here for traders of all skill levels. Thanks for your contributions to the trading community.

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    hi Dale thanks, I took this trade too, was amazing

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    Steve Epperson

    Thanks again for sharing. Congrats on your big win. I am currently utilizing top-down analysis and feeling more comfortable with it. I keep forgetting to use EMA, however. In this video it shows its usefulness for timing the exit.

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