We’re about 30 min away from the New York session open and we just wanted to point out a potential buying opportunity for the price action traders. During the previous session an Inside day formed, which means the high and low of the day are inside the previous candles high and low.
The Inside day formed just above swing support, which is a high area of interest in this market at the moment because of the uptrend. The Inside day demonstrates consolidation at the support level, large money exchanging hands possibly re positioning themselves for the next upward movement in this bullish trend.
Traders using the entry techniques from the Price Action Protocol could have already been triggered into this trade as the high’s of the Inside day have been breached already this session. If price closes higher we could see this trend continue into next week, if support doesn’t hold then that could be a game changer for this market and would be on the look out for short signals in the upcoming trading sessions.
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