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Notice From Dale

Hi Traders, I try to keep this section of the site updated as much as I can.

But sometimes I am caught up with War Room Projects like: strategy research, Forex tool development, or other Forex projects.

My apologies to readers if I fall behind with posting.

GBPCHF Prints Sexy Price Action Signal @ Swing Level

While doing the weekly market walk-through video for the price action War Room, I spotted this awesome looking price action signal on the GBPCHF 8 hour chart. There was also […]

USD Index Big Sell Signal At Big Level!

So the USD has been a focus currency again these last few weeks. Especially this week since the Fed came out with their big interest rate drop and policy speech […]

GBPUSD Rejection Signal On Range Bottom

GBPUSD has been a really bearish market, but seems to found a floor which has forced price into more of a range structure on the daily chart. To work with […]

AUDNZD Prints Large Bearish Rejection Day

AUDNZD has made a very obvious statement, that the day closes with extreme weakness – which I believe was off the back of NZD economic data, which was very bullish […]

GBPJPY Price Action Squeeze Breakout Alert

The GBP has been up and down when it comes to volatility, riding off the back of Brexit events and leaks. The GBPJPY has been in a grind though, and […]

NZDUSD Simple Range Structure Price Action Signal

Forex trading kept simple usually produces the best results, and there is nothing simpler than a Range signal. Simple range structure visible here on NZDUSD and the focus points of […]

AUDNZD Drops Bearish Swing Trade Signal

The AUDNZD has been a slow but steady “trender”. The price action recently was very congested and sideways, and grouped above a support level. We recently seen a break of […]