NZDJPY Rejects Lower Prices Bouncing off a Higher Low to Print a Bullish Outside Candle Signal

nzdjpy bullish outside candle with alert

Got a few Battle Station alerts about NZD pairs printing price action signals this morning. It appears NZD strength is the theme to kick off the week!

The two that caught my attention were AUDNZD and NZDJPY – I just placed an order on AUDNZD and spoke about that in the War Room – because I like the weekly level in play there, but the NZDJPY also a nice trend trade setup too.

If we look left we can see NZDJPY has been making consistent higher lows with this trend (a sign of strength), and we’re now seeing price pick up off the next higher low.

The rejection of lower prices caused the 4 hour to print a bullish outside candle, which is a sign of continued strength here. Signals of strength means we’re likely too see the market push into higher highs.

The next weekly resistance level is a long way away so there is plenty of upside potential if the price action does push into new highs.

Best of luck on the charts!


One Explosive Bar Follows!

nzdjpy 4 hour rejection surge up

Well that escalated quickly…

NZDJPY wasted no time launching towards much higher prices! Very nice follow-through!

Did you get an entry? There was a moderate pull back which could have triggered quite a few retracement style orders.

With a retracement order, 1:3 risk/reward could have been hit very quickly.

Behind 3x reward, I don’t think any higher targets would have been met – NZDJPY stalled shortly after and price followed through with a deeper retracement.

But hey, if you want to try out my Battle Station for MT4/5 – look for the download widget below and you can start getting alerts like these 🙂

We use the Battle Station to help let us know when these intra-day signals pop up, it’s been very useful in catching trades you otherwise would have missed!

Best of luck on the charts traders!

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  1. PRASANNA BANDARA ADIKARI comment display photo
    How can thought TP and SL Prices.

  2. Wasfi cheaito comment display photo
    Wasfi cheaito
    Is your offer trial for battle station still valid and for how long. Thank you
    1. Dale Woods comment display photo
      Dale Woods
      Yes it still valid, you will get a trial start notification when you first load it - which tells you how long the current trial period is for.
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