I decided to record a trade video after I received a trade alert from the Battle Station tool.

This tool has been so helpful with keeping my finger on the pulse of the market, doing a lot of the hard work for me by searching for candlestick patterns across all the markets.

Anyway check out the video below and I will walk you through this trade setup from beginning to end.


Don’t forget to leave your feedback to help me make better videos for you in the future 🙂


  1. Dale, I just wanted you to know, I was not one of those people e-mailing you demanding another video. I know how hard you work. However, I did notice there wasn’t any music. May I suggest “Dude Looks Like A Lady” by Aerosmith. I so very much enjoy dancing to your videos. Of course, there’s some pretty good price action commentary also. Again, thanks for your hard work.

  2. Hi Dale. There is some great info on your site. I have been scratching my head trying to find this trade on my MT4 platform. It would seem that the engulfing signal occurred due to a blip in your brokers prices at the midnight GMT changeover. My broker doesn’t show the engulfing candle, which wouldn’t actually be possible unless it was a weekend gap, which it wasn’t.
    I know there is much debate about when the “end of day” i.e. is in the FX market. Is it 10pm NY time or 12 Midnight GMT ?
    I see from this trade that your charts are based on 12 Midnight GMT?. Perhaps you could do a video/blog on why you favour midnight. I’ve always used charts with the 10pm NY time as the end of day but I’ve never really been sure which is most common and if one is more right than the other. I know it'[s an ongoing debate lol. It’s amazing how different the trade looked on a 4hr chart with a 10pm NY close. It was still a clear buy signal due to the series of pin bars. I’d even say the signal looked even better lol.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. I am trading with New York close charts, which are at GMT +3 at the moment I believe. The candles close at 5 pm New York local time and that is the unofficial end of the Forex session.

  3. No need for the advert. You have an indicator no one can use unless he pays you. And your war room subscription is exhaubitant. Why not release it and your name will last forever in the forex industry.

    1. Because I didn’t spend the last year designing/coding/updating so cheap people can get an easy ride. If the war room is too expensive for you, you might want to really think if Forex is for you. Don’t come on here and question my integrity for charging for an awesome tool I made.

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