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The Common Forex Candlestick Patterns that You Need to Know

Common Candlestick Patterns In the previous chapter, we covered the Japanese candlestick, now it’s time to demonstrate how some simple candlestick patterns can be the catalysts for some explosive moves […]

Japanese Candlesticks Explained

Welcome to the second part of the Forex charting chapter. In this chapter we are going to cover the most popular charting format used by traders in the markets today. […]

Introduction to Forex Charting

The Different Types of Forex Charting Thanks to the age of technology we live in today, forex charting is much easier than it used to be. We have access to […]

The Forex Trading Sessions

Navigating Through the Different Forex Trading Sessions One of the advantages of the Forex market is that it’s open 24 hours over the 5 day working week. This gives traders […]

The Major Currencies Traded in Forex

The Foreign Exchange is the marketplace for currencies. As retail traders we will be mostly trading the spot market where currencies are paired up against one another. You’re always buying […]

How Forex Trading Works – The Forex Market Structure

How Forex Trading Works Whenever you talk about the markets to your friends and family, they will generally assume that you’re talking about the stock market. In terms of ‘forex […]

The Different Types of Forex Markets

Lets Discuss the Different Types of Forex Markets The Forex market is so widely used for multiple applications. Some participants, like the hedge funds, use the Forex market to generate […]

The Advantages of Forex Trading

Sick of your 9 to 5 job? Don’t like being yelled at from your boss because you didn’t meet a deadline on a minimum wage? One of the advantages of […]

Forex vs Stocks – What is the Better Market?

Forex Vs Stocks The two major markets are the Foreign exchange market and the well known stock markets. Forex vs stocks? well In this chapter, we’re going to look at […]

What is Forex Trading?

There is no doubt you have heard a lot about the Forex market, especially now with economies in turmoil. People are looking for alternative ways to generate income. On your […]