GBPCHF Bullish Price Action Signal On Major Weekly Level

We’ve seen some crazy Corono-virus volatility in the markets the last week or so. If you were on the right side of that volatility, it’s been a good two weeks!

A lot of the volatility is starting to settle a bit, and we’re starting to see the mean reversions and corrections come into a lot of pairs the last day or so.

I got some Battle Station alerts about a bullish price action signal on the GBPCHF. Checking it out, it has some strong technical value behind it.

The bullish candle is showing strength off a major weekly level…

You can see above the weekly level has been a major turning point in the past.

The fact that the GBPCHF is overextended from the mean is another strong promoter of a bullish move here.

So plenty of bullish “potential energy” on this one, if the signal does pop and push higher, I believe the move can have some explosiveness in it.

Best of luck on the charts!

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