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Trader Danger: Read This Before Touching Binary Options

Forex Binary Options… the latest trend in the financial industry – a completely new way to make money from currency movements. Binary options are not to be mistaken for normal […]

Why “Big Banks” Aren’t Out to Get You

You’re Paranoid I like to say unpopular things. Usually, I try to make them true, and I do my best to support my opinions/statements with proof (evidence-based approach). Why do […]

Forex Trading vs Poker: Surprising Similarities

The stakes are as high as the tension in the room. Luck? Baby, it’s not about luck. It’s all about controlling your emotions. It’s about managing risk. It’s about turning […]

Why James Bond Would Make a Good Forex Trader

To be the 007 of the Forex world we need to think more like the MI6 agent. It’s also no wonder that the traders who are making millions are as […]

What factors makes currencies move?

Currency is a medium that is used for exchanging goods and services, from one person to another. The most commonly known is the physical form of coins and paper notes. […]